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NENSA Competitive Programs:

Fueling the dream for New England's top athletes and their quest for the next level.

NENSA Youth & Introductory Programs:
Growing our sport with family centered programming and youth focus.

The New England Nordic Ski Association recognized by the U.S. Olympic Committee as the Community Olympic Development Program for cross country skiing in the Northeast and as a Paralympic Sport Club.

NENSA is a tax-exempt 501c3 non-profit organization: Tax ID # 02-0484887, so your contribution is tax-deductible. That contribution goes a long way in helping us to keep the cost of programming as low as possible, and keep Nordic skiing accessible to everyone. If you'd prefer to send your gift directly to NENSA, please send a check to: New England Nordic Ski Association, 49 Pineland Dr, Suite 301A, New Gloucester, ME 04260.

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- NENSA & the New England Nordic Community

Recent Donations

Name Amount Comment
Sue and Terry McNatt $25.00
Marie Barnevik McKeige $5000.00
Frederic Licht $100.00 Lets support youth recreational and development programs!
Jim & Mary Anne Levins $1000.00
Anonymous Donor $25.00
Andy and Betsey Shepard $250.00
Anonymous Donor $5000.00
Cami & Peter Cami & Peter $50.00
Kerry MacDougall $100.00
Mark Arienti $25.00
Michael O'Malley $25.00 EMBK
Cote Family $100.00 Thank you!
Peter Breu $25.00 Woodski is proud to support NENSA!
Janet Hardy $25.00
Tracy and Rob Walsh $50.00
Michele and Jim Dodge $100.00 Thank you NENSA for the huge role you play in the development of skiers and coaches in New England . Our kids made many lifelong friends through Bill Koch festivals, camps, and competitions.
Anonymous Donor $250.00
Seth Hubbard Katrina Howe $100.00
Nick Purinton $50.00
Amber Dodge $50.00
Peter Durnan $25.00
Ed Miller $25.00
Martin November $25.00 From the Novembers--Lulu, Rachel, Charlie, Annah and Marty
Anonymous Donor $50.00
Charles Jacobs $100.00
Jeff Campbell $250.00 Thanks for all you do!
Eleanore Sinclair $25.00
Tiffany Teaford $150.00 Grateful for NENSA's vision and commitment.
Joan Spasyk $25.00 Thanks for the great J2 Championships!
James Doucett $50.00
Tom Clemow $25.00
Terence Wong $50.00
Anonymous Donor $25.00
Matching Challenge $20000.00 An amazing show of generosity, this challenge contributed an additional $3 for every dollar donated in the final days of the fund drive. We maxed out the $20,000 cap & are still going strong thanks to you!
Matching Challenge $5000.00 Matching the first five $1,000 contributions from donors who stepped up to give at that level for the first time. Thank you to: the Husain family, the Denering family, Kinney Motors of Rutland, and 2 anonymous donors.
Anonymous Donor $25.00
Patricia Decker $50.00
Alexandra Jospe $35.00
Poppet Boswell $25.00
Max Cobb $50.00
Margaret Cormier $150.00
Gunnar Blix $50.00 Gunnar Blix & Michele Vander Heyden
Anonymous Donor $1000.00
Pat, Don, Bill, Henry Harmeyer $250.00
Lauren Jacobs $100.00
Mary Heller Osgood $50.00 From Mary Heller and Chris Osgood
Jim Stock & Anne Doyle $1000.00
Kal and Tricia Husain $1000.00 Honoring MWSC coaches Will Sweetser, Seth Hubbard and Amber Dodge.
Anonymous Donor $500.00
Jeremy Winick $25.00 Moved to Colorado from Massachusetts over three years ago, but still remember and recognize the exception value that NENSA provides.
New England Nordic Ski Association
New England Nordic Ski Association 49 Pineland Dr. Suite 301-A New Gloucester, ME 04260